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The ambition to make great wine remains as fervent today as when Kanonkop bottled its maiden estate wine from the 1973 vintage. From the farming of the vineyards, the ethos of traditional old-school winemaking and the quality of new French oak barrels to preparing the wine for bottling, only the best is good enough. The biggest challenge for the winemaker is not to manipulate the wine but to still be able to show the characteristics of that specific vintage 10–20 years later.

One of the features of Kanonkop is a nod towards an old-world, classic pedigree: the ability of its wines to age well. Not merely longevity, but an ability to gain complexity and a spectacular array of nuances as the wine ages in the bottle.

“If ever you meet a cynic who claims that Pinotage cannot make great wines, then pour them a glass from Kanonkop and they will soon change their mind.”


Cabernet Sauvignon

Paul Sauer

Black Label Pinotage

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